Digital Marketing Strategy

Create a plan to build relationships with new prospects and convert them into customers

Create and execute your digital marketing strategy

Your digital marketing strategy is a series of strategic digital steps that helps to focus on achieving your business goals based on your available budget and resources through selected online tactics and channels.

In order to create an efficient actionable digital marketing strategy, we strive to work with you using the following steps:

  • Building your customer personas
  • Clearly set out your goals and objectives based on your budget
  • Define what has and has not worked for you in the past
  • Define your owned and earned media and their contribution to your bottom line
  • Create an overall digital marketing strategy based on detailed research

The importance of a well-thought digital marketing strategy for your business!

At Digitides, we work with you to identify your customer value journey and come up with a bespoke digital marketing strategy that will help you build a relationship with new leads and convert them into customers whilst focusing on increasing retention rate which means continuous repeat business.

Technically, the importance of a sound digital marketing strategy is that it helps you:

  • Reach your audience and new leads at the right time and place where they are more likely to convert into customers
  • Setup a personalised, more targeted and measurable strategy
  • Scale what is actually working and improve ROI
  • Be more competitive in your marketplace

Data driven digital marketing strategy to turbo charge your business growth

We help you to paint a clear picture of every step of your customer journey including the purchasing/conversion cycle backed up with clear measurable metrics.  This will enable you to easily evaluate the performance of your chosen strategy.

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