Paid Advertising (PPC)

Generate highly qualified paid traffic and optimise for conversions that can ultimately grow your business

What is paid advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of online advertising that allows businesses to promote their brand, products and services by placing ads on ad platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Advertisers get charged only when a person clicks on the ad.

The main objective of PPC is to generate highly qualified traffic that can ultimately complete a valuable action, such as purchasing a product or completing a contact form.  Search engines are incredibly popular advertising platforms and Google Ads is the most widely used platform for PPC advertising.  However, PPC has evolved over the years from being only keyword focused into a more diverse and complex strategy containing remarketing, shopping ads, video ads, and social media ads.

What kind of PPC campaigns are available to your business?

There are many types of PPC campaigns we can help you with to achieve your goals and objectives.  However, firstly we aim to understand your aims and in line with your overall strategy and budget, we will make sure that you will have the most suitable PPC campaigns running which will give you the best ROI.

What are the benefits of running PPC campaigns for your business?

Whether you are currently running a PPC campaign yourself or have it outsourced to an agency, it is important to be aware and make sure that you are getting the most out of every penny invested in your campaigns.  It is essential to note the main benefits you will gain from running PPC campaigns which are as follows:

PPC campaigns are highly measurable

PPC advertisement can provide you with a clear and measurable ROI.  This means that you can track exactly what you are getting out of your campaigns.

Advertise directly to your target audience

Regardless of the platform you choose to advertise on, PPC allows you precise access to present your ads and message in front of your target audience.

Highly specific targeting

This means that you can laser target based on specific terms, interests, time, and location all based on your campaign objectives.

Brand awareness

PPC contributes highly in providing great brand awareness by placing your message and brand in front of your target audience who otherwise may not have heard of your brand and offerings.

Full control

Running PPC campaigns enables you to have full control in terms of when you want your campaigns to start and stop.  You have full control of your spendings, budget, targeting and when to run your campaigns in line with your overall strategy.

Instant impact

Running PPC campaigns provides your business the pleasure of gaining an instant impact by appearing in front of your audience on the desired platform in a matter of hours (whether that is on search engines like Google, or on social media like Facebook).

Only pay when people engage (click)

As the name implies (Pay-per-click), you will only pay when people engage and click on your running ads.  The cost of each click varies depending on the industry you are in and the level of competition.

Immediate and detailed analytics and reporting

Once your PPC campaign is running, regardless of the platform, you will be able to access the full analytics and reporting showing all sorts of metrics to highlight the level of performance of your ads.

Which PPC campaigns fit my business goals and strategy?

To successfully utilise PPC campaigns for your business we need to identify your target audience.  Recognising exactly who your target audience is will help us to develop a creative and precise approach and strategy to accommodate the requirements and demands of your target market.


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